Roto Designo R8

Top-hung roof window

Energy efficient construction is the order of the day. Increasing customers’ demands on design and sustainability is the result. It’s not surprising that Roto as the professionals brand and inventor of the successful premium top-hung roof window supplies the answer to the future challenges regarding energy efficient construction right up to ‘Low-E’ (passive) housing construction methods.
The challenge: a symbiosis of maximum functionality and fascinating design
Our vision: a low-energy roof window that equally combines rationality and emotion, high-tech and design.
The answer: The Roto Designo R8, a real top-quality product with 1.2 - 0.84 W/m²K Uw value (depending on glazing and material) and premium quality ‘Made in Germany*’.

* Over 90% of our products

Advantages at a glance

  • Excellent thermal insulation: Uw 1,2 W/m²K for standard glazing and Uw 0,84 W/m²K for triple insulation glazing
  • Anthracite-metallic special-effect paint – fits in harmoniously with the roof tile colour
  • Extra safe, extra impervious by means of four point central locking system and one-handed operation handle for all functions
  • With flexible 2-pieced circumferential thermal insulating block as standard – adaptable in the depth



Roto blueLine (5)

Safety and thermal insulating glazing


Roto blueLine NE (9E)

Triple safety and thermal insulation glazing with cleaning-aided coating

Size chart

Technical characteristics

Roof pitch 15 - 65°
PVC yes
Timber yes
WD yes
Non-WD no
Different glazings 2
Different sizes 6
Angle of aperture ca. 45°
Points of locking 4

Further information

  • Warranty
  • Operation instructions
  • Media database

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Instructions are for standard flashings only. For recessed please contact the office.

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