Roto 'Sunroof' complete roof

New aesthetics

Roto 'Sunroof' combines the outstanding technical competence and experience of Roto, the specialist in solar technology with the elegance of a roof integrated solution. This is supported through standardised size and design of the solar modules. The perfect assembly is possible due to special flashings and fittings. An excellent integration into the roof can be achieved through the minimal thickness of the 'Superflat' construction. The combination of 'Sunroof' solar thermal heating and 'Sunroof' photovoltaic conversion creates a fascinating complete roof solution, which can replace the tiled roof entirely.

Advantages at a glance

  • From a protective roof to a beneficial roof
  • High energy yield
  • Unique connection technique of all three components
  • Perfect integration of roof windows
  • Fascinating design
  • Investment with attractive rate of return
  • Suited for new buildings and refurbishment

Mode of operation

Everything is possible

Only the right illumination creates emphases that make living under the roof an outstanding experience. There is a vast variety of roof windows, which you can choose from to integrate them into your 'Sunroof' system. Whether you choose a single window or a combination window like the made-to-measure twin roof window: in combination with the photovoltaic modules and solar thermal heating collectors you create a homogenous and absolutely leak proof roof that lends better protection from storms than any conventional tiled roof.