Roto 'Sunroof' photovoltaic conversion

Performance meeting your demands

Roto 'Sunroof' photovoltaic conversion a modular system that can be adapted to meet your demand. Four SRP 10/20 modules or a complete roof for energy production. Part of the flexibility is also an extensive variety of inverter modules. A capacity adapted to your demand and a complete system with all the necessary components composed through us. Integrated ventilation and solar safety glass ensure an optimised degree of efficiency of the modules. Due to the various possibilities Roto 'Sunroof' photovoltaic conversion is the perfect solution for renovations.

Advantages at a glance

  • Active climate protection - cost and environmentally conscious building
  • Reliable and independent energy supply
  • Unique design - fascinating looks
  • Flexible modular system up to a complete roof solution
  • High energy yield due to innovative collector technology
  • Investment with an attractive rate of return
  • Easy installation
  • Suited for new buildings and renovation

Mode of operation

Technical characteristics

Roof pitch 22° - 90°
Frame Timber
Size m² 2,13
Weight kg 26
Nominal power Wattp 270/275/280
Cell type Monocrystalline
Cables Tyco
Manufacturer cells Bosch Solar Energy (Germany)
Manufacturer laminate Solarwatt (Germany)
Max. snow load 5000 pascal

Mode of operation