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Roto Q-4

Pivot roof window

Selected materials, precise workmanship, and effective insulation – perspectives that attract customers. All-round security: Very easy and fast to install thanks to our clever connection system with click feedback.

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Roto QT4 Tronic Plus

Tronic pivot roof window

Electric swing window in selected materials, precise workmanship and effective insulation. Recommended for application areas difficult to reach by hand. Equipped with motor, rain sensor, controller and remote control.

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Designo R7

Top-third pivot roof window

Contrary to the standard roof windows on the market with centre-pivot openings in the middle of the window, Designo R7 is a top-third pivot roof window that can be opened outwards to 38°, with one handle - accessible to everyone - at the bottom of the sash. 

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Series 73

Top-third pivot conservation roof window

Based on the Designo R7 technology its high pivot position provides more headroom while minimising the extent to which the frame protrudes into the living space.

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Designo R8

Top-hung roof window

With Designo R8 in timber FSC® or PVC (white or 5 colour options), finally discover the convenience of a unique handle at the bottom of the sash and the pleasure of a panoramic view thanks to the top-hung outward opening of 45°.

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Designo RotoComfort i8

Top-hung roof window

An automatically operated roof window with no visible drive components to spoil the view outside. 

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Designo R4 RotoTronic

Electric roof window

For inaccessible spaces, the electric roof window Designo R4 RotoTronic in timber or PVC (white or 2 colour options) is the perfect compliment to Designo R7. 

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Special application windows

Designo WFA R1, WDA R3 and WRA R5

More freedom. More convenience. The Roto system also applies to special windows.

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