a 15-year materials warranty on Roto roof windows against the following types of breakage:

  • for windows with toughened outer safety glass panes, glass breakage caused by hail 
  • breakage of the fittings
  • breakage of plastic frames in circumstances where the frames have not withstood the level of stress necessary to comply with the RAL quality mark 716/1

a 5-year warranty on the following types of defects due to material, construction and/or production faults:

  • defects in Roto roof windows including frames, other than defects falling under the item above
  • fogginess in between the panes

a 2-year warranty on defects due to material, construction and/or production faults in:

  • Roto accessories for roof windows (interior roller blinds, outside roller shutters, remote controls, etc.
  • replacement parts which are supplied in the event of a guarantee claim in exchange for defective Roto roof window parts, unless the remaining period of the original warranty is longer than 2 years, in which case the warranty on the replacement parts shall be for the remaining period of the original warranty